KMicro’s unique value propositions

  • KMicro will fully Integrate and support the Microsoft Cloud throughout the customers’ journey. 
  • Global availability by our International services team
  • KMicro teams work closely together, ensuring one company knows the customer’s full cloud footprint with all integrations 
  • Decrease data redundancy and save time by eliminating silos of data 
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Sample Use Cases using the full Microsoft Cloud Integration

  • Create a quote or an order directly in Outlook and automatically synch into Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Create a new customer record in Business Central and integrate that new customer automatically through Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Connector to Dynamics 365 Sales and have a salesperson notified via email through Power Automate that they have a new customer account ready for a new company greeting
  • Create a sales order for a customer and quickly rate shop to over 200 carriers to get the right shipping price and fastest delivery service using powerful partner apps
  • Embedded Power BI dashboard metrics provide better visibility for quick financial and operational decision making
  • A purchase manager can review a requisition worksheet to make better decisions on what inventory is required to meet all system demands within Business Central.  Upon review and approval of the worksheet suggestions, a purchaser can turn the lines of the requisition worksheet into Purchase Order documents with a click of a button
  • Plug in any industry specific Apps on Microsoft AppSource for deeper and unique functionality to run your business
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