Asset Discovery & Inventory

We believe that security practitioners and IT professionals have enough to worry about, and more than enough work to do. The first thing to worry about is what’s connected to your network. And within minutes of installing Security Management you’ll be able to discover all of the IP-enabled devices on your network, what software is installed on them, how they’re configured, any potential vulnerabilities and active threats being executed against them.

Asset discovery is an essential security capability of KMicro’s MSSP offering. Our solution discovers assets in your environment, detects changes in assets, and discovers rogue assets in the network. Asset discovery uses passive tools, such as passive operating system fingerprinting and passive service discovery. It also utilizes active scanning, which can be scheduled to be performed periodically or can be performed manually.

  • Discover assets in your environment
  • Active & passive networks
  • Detect changes to assets in your environment
  • Detect rouge assets in your network
  • Run one-time or scheduled asset scans


  • Highlights hosts on your network and their installed software packages
  • IP and hardware MAC address pairings. This is used for inventory and to detect MAC spoofing
  • IP header analysis to identify operating systems and running software packages
  • TCP/IP traffic analysis for OS fingerprinting and basic network topography
  • Identify the devices, the OS, running services, and the software installed on it

KMicro provides a built-in vulnerability assessment simplifies security monitoring and speeds remediation. We use our expertise in network security assessment to keep our corporate clients safe.

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