With Dynamics 365 Commerce, this brings e-commerce and point of sale business applications to expand your retail environment and improve your customer experience by utilizing an easy-to-use application that allows customers to purchase items quickly from any device. With full integration, customer orders can be instantly and automatically saved, allowing your company to quickly fulfill orders inside your other Dynamics 365 business applications. KMicro will ensure the security and complete integrations of Dynamics 365 Commerce with other applications, such as but not limited to Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain and SharePoint by leveraging the Power Platform, to compile data analytics and save files in desired locations. Have confidence by decreasing order fulfillment time and by knowing that your and your customers’ data is completely secure.

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Supports Startup 1000+ Employees

100% Cloud Based

100% Scalability

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

  • Customizable search for your specific customer product requirements
  • Increase your global footprint and sales profits when leveraging Dynamics 365 Commerce and Enterprise applications
  • Improve your retail multi-store product stock levels and decrease your overage stock costs by leveraging an advanced and integrated warehouse solution
  • Improve and optimize your staff shifts by leveraging cashier scheduling capabilities across all your stores
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