Company leads can be followed up with ease and track your unique prospecting questions utilizing easy to use configuration and development tools. Power Automate can strengthen account managers’ customer service level by scheduling Teams Meetings within Outlook automatically based upon workflow rules users define one-time. Dynamics 365 Sales enhances communication with employees, customers, and vendors by organizing, displaying, and syncing crucial sales data to make better business decisions through embedded dashboards. KMicro will take this customer experience one step deeper to ensure seamless integration with M365 applications on any mobile device coupled with cybersecurity is always maintained.
Dynamics 365 Sales can be integrated with SharePoint and Docusign for an even better customer & vendor experience. The power of integration ensures all files can be displayed and accessed through a single Dynamics 365 Sales record, simplifying the customer and vendor contact and contract management processes.

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Supports 1-1000+ Salespeople

100% Cloud Based

100% Scalability

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales Integration

  • Integration to SharePoint will save all files and documents into a central location
  • Integration to M365 automatically stores email exchanges with customers for easy access to information
  • Streamlines data analytics and provides foreshadowing sales data trends through MS Power BI
  • Dynamics 365 Sales can be utilized to communicate effectively with both customers and vendors using MS Team
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