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Server and network monitoring and management are critical business functions. You need at least 99% up-time, seamless performance, scalability, cost-efficiency, visibility into real-time system data, automated monitoring, and dedicated troubleshooting and support. As networking technology grows more complex, achieving these goals in-house becomes a challenge.


  • 24/7 performance management by a team of skilled engineers that includes proactive, real-time notifications
  • Fast problem resolution with fault management escalation and activity analysis to isolate and correct unusual operational issues
  • An online suite of reporting tools that captures and presents valuable network management data
  • Automated system tracking, performance recommendations, maintenance, and patch management

The solution is KMicro’s comprehensive suite of system management services – an expert team to handle all of your monitoring and management needs. As your device monitoring and management partner, we clearly define expectations and lay out a comprehensive device management plan in our Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our cost-efficient, fixed pay-as-you-go pricing model gives you the support you need and lets you focus on your business, not your IT.

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