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Enterprise class data backup protects your valuable business data round the clock, bringing you complete peace of mind. Our backup and recovery solutions are seamless, easy to manage, and customized to your operation. Automatic backup and a range of data retrieval storage methods ensure that no matter what challenges lie ahead, your critical data is always safe, secure and recoverable.


  • 24/7 data monitoring
  • Local and offsite copies of your data
  • Standardized backup reporting
  • Backup issue tracking
  • Deduplication
  • Application and server level backups
  • Bit level backups

KMicro will assess your essential data requirements, the frequency with which you require backups, and the best methods for data storage and retrieval. To identify the optimal solution for your environment, we then work with you to customize a Data Backup plan that gives you all the security you need. As your data management partner, we are available every day, all day, as you need us.

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