OneDrive for Business is a cloud based file storage service where you can store, share and sync your work files that can be accessed from anywhere.

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Find Files Faster

Quickly find files, photos and documents from personalized search results powered by the intelligence of the Microsoft Graph

Access Files Anywhere

Easily store and access your files from all your devices. Edits you make offline are automatically uploaded next time you connect

Protect Your Work

Keep your company data protected with advanced encryption, compliance, and security features

Work With Anyone

Share files and collaborate on documents with anyone inside or outside of your organization

We are experienced in OneDrive for Business for:

  • OneDrive setup/configuration
  • Migration from Google Drives to OneDrive
  • Migration from network drives to OneDrive
  • OneDrive governance and best practices
  • Administration and user training
  • User guide

Over 600 Conversions

32000 Virtual Machines

100% Success Rate

Set device access rules, view device reports, and remotely wipe devices that are lost or stolen—all from the admin center. You can see which files are being shared and with whom. In-app sharing enables each employee to seamlessly share and set specific access permissions for their files, based on the organization’s settings.
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