Virtualization helps you get the most benefit out of your IT resources. In addition to reducing server, storage and energy consumption, virtualization also opens up whole new opportunities to benefit from KMicro’s suite of flexible and low-cost managed services. By promoting scalability and efficiency, and leveraging your IT resources to the fullest extent, virtualization produces optimum returns on your IT spend.

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  • Higher utilization of existing server resources
  • Greater portability of server and desktop workloads
  • Enhanced backup and restoration of critical data
  • Faster and more reliable disaster recovery
  • Reduce server space requirements
  • Leverage under-utilized capacity
  • Effectively manage IT resources
  • Remove end user challenges
  • Expandable and scalable IT solutions
  • Reduced energy consumption


  • Network Virtualization – The use of network resources via segmentation of an actual network in which we minimize network complexities
  • Storage Virtualization – Blending multiple storage devices to appear as a single unit, managed from one central console
  • Effectively manage IT resources
  • Server Virtualization – Using partitioning of physical servers into more efficient virtual servers with transparency and simplicity for users

Over 600 Conversions

32000 Virtual Machines

100% Success Rate

When you rely on KMicro for your virtualization needs, you can be sure of a virtualization strategy that aligns perfectly with your business goals. This means optimizing your network, storage and servers, and creating a seamless environment which takes advantage of flexible, pay-as needed manage services. Spend less and achieve more with efficient and scalable virtualization from KMicro.
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