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When it comes to technology, have you ever wondered who is working for whom? Not often do you see a suite of products, built on top of the trusted Microsoft cloud application stack, which so elegantly blends the human and digital worlds? The Microsoft Viva platform, which is powered by Microsoft 365 and experienced through Microsoft Teams, unlocks the value of your existing Microsoft cloud investments. Imagine for a moment an employee experience platform that pulls together communications, learning, organizational resources, and insights fed by your intellectual property.

Microsoft Viva

What Our Clients Say

“Synergies, post-acquisition, are often painful. Our financial models depend on the business to reduce overlapped employees and technologies immediately. We found that once we cleared our synergy activity, we were left with unmotivated employees because of our poor communication and ineffective cultural conditioning. Microsoft Viva Connections provided a vehicle for us to smooth out the rough edges.

Lead for M and A

Cyber ransom attack years ago was in the hundreds of thousands; now can easily reach several million dollars. Given the creative nature of these nefarious actors, we needed a solution that could make learning more social. With Microsoft Viva Learning we can engage individuals within their current workstreams. A huge win for us!

Chief Learning Officer

The declared expertise of SMEs and advisors has been in place for years. However, dynamic expertise based on past, and current activity and influence, has been out of reach for most organizations. The impact is often silent through decisions made on limited experience or hiring a third-party resource. Both result in margin erosion through rework, misapplication, or poor advice and action. Microsoft Viva Topics has been fantastic at connecting those with questions to the folks with answers.

Knowledge Manager

How Can We Help You?

Viva Connections

The gateway to your employee experience | Microsoft Viva connections is designed to empower every employee to contribute their best

Viva Connections

Viva Insights

Balance productivity and wellbeing | Microsoft Viva helps people and businesses thrive with recommendations to improve productivity and wellbeing.

Viva Learning

Accelerate learning | Microsoft Viva helps employees make learning a natural part of the day by bringing learning into the flow of work with the tools they already use.

Viva Topics

Discovered knowledge and expertise | Microsoft Viva lets you automatically organize content and expertise across your organization, making it easy to find.

Viva Topics

Let Us Guide You Through

Discovery Services

Discovery Services

The first hour is on us | determining which update Microsoft Viva applications are best for you can often be done in 60 minutes. However, our services can extend past that point as required.

Readiness for Microsoft Viva

Readiness for Microsoft Viva

Building a solid foundation | we are ready to help if your organization needs assistance in getting the prerequisites to check off and, in the cloud, (Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Exchange)


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Greg Lush

Chief Innovation Officer

Before KMicro, he is the Founder of Last Mile Worker Solutions, a transformation services consulting practice. Greg has spent his career working for Public and Private service companies. Most recently as VP of Innovation (Mesa Energy, EMCOR).

Over the last 38 years in the service industry, Greg has spent time in the field as a distributed controls technician; configured International service organizations; created and delivered pragmatic learning solutions; led change as a Chief Information Officer, and most recently as a Chief Innovation Officer; and research and development to differentiate service organizations in their verticals. Greg’s passions are Evangelizing new technologies, data sciences, IIoT, and workforce science approaches. His inventions around activity and worker qualification along the objective “point of service” measurement are significant contributors to his lifelong ambitions to elevate the worker.

You may see Greg’s most recent contributions through social channels such as LinkedIn where he shares experiences and insights surrounding the evolving Digital Enterprise. Greg is considered an industry expert and speaks at trade shows and conferences worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help?

Viva topics is a Microsoft 365 service that helps organizations transform information into knowledge by using artificial intelligence to identify and organized topics in your organization. A topic is a phrase or term that is specific or important within an organization, such as the name of a project or a frequently discussed subject. Viva topics automatically compile information on topics such as a short description and related people, sites, files, and pages. All of this occurs within the flow of your work in Microsoft 365 and office sites and apps.

Topic cards can provide information on associated people and resources. This means that, instead of searching through different silos, you can easily find out where to look and who to talk to For more information about a topic.

Viva connections bring your organization’s internal resources into Microsoft Teams where it is easier to share, collaborate, and chat all in one place. Discover and search relevant content, sites, and news from across your organization right from the Microsoft Teams application bar. Easily share and collaborate on shared content in Microsoft Teams chat and channels.

Microsoft Viva Insights includes a Microsoft Teams app and web features and tools that help people and businesses thrive with data-driven, privacy-protected insights, and recommendations to improve productivity and wellbeing. These insights are broken into four high-level categories: Personal insights, manager insights, leader insights, and advanced insights.

Viva learning creates a central hub for learning in Microsoft Teams where people can share, recommend, and learn from content libraries across an organization to empower teams and individuals to make learning a natural part of their day. This includes access to content libraries from LinkedIn learning, Microsoft learns, Microsoft 365 training, and third-party content providers and learning management systems, as well as content your company adds to Viva learning.

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