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Microsoft Matches Slack With a Free Version of Its Teams Chat App

Microsoft Matches Slack With a Free Version Of It's Chat App; Microsoft Teams Microsoft recently introduced a free version of Microsoft Teams, the company’s Slack competitor. Microsoft Teams originally launched back in November 2016 with no free or freemium tiers for businesses to upgrade from. While 200,000 businesses now use Microsoft Teams, a lack of

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Smart Technology: An Update

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The term “smart technology” has been around for a while. There are now millions of products that are now “connected”. They include smart forks, smart tortilla makers, and most inexplicably, a smart egg tracker; and, that’s only in the kitchen. For most people, the smart tech that they are considering is

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Tech Term: Chromebook

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It seems like everywhere you go, you can see a Chromebook. These specialty laptops have a few features that make them highly desirable in some circumstances, and poorly suited to others. Seeing as ‘Chromebook’ is our Tech Term for this week, why not take a few moments and examine them a

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Spring Cleaning Your Business and Its Technology

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Spring seems to be the natural time, after what are commonly dreary winter months, to revitalize and refresh your environment – why shouldn’t your business be included? Not only does it help your operations, a clean environment also has many direct benefits for your employees. Let’s review the effects of keeping

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